Thursday, June 28, 2012

[AJ McLean] Q&A outside the Studio

As we already know AJ has been working on his new solo album for the past couple months and the past couple weeks. Yesterday was no different, besides the fact that Mike could catch up with whim while he was doing a little break and just before he go back home. Doing some Questions Mike got us some interesting answers, just like the one that Backstreet Boys are not sure if they'll be able to make GMA next Aug. 31st, since they'll be in studio yet but that if they manage it, Kevin sure will be with them, on the other side, Kevin won't be at Mixtape or at the BBQ. Mike got us to know, as well, that Backstreet Boys still doesn't have a lable and that Have it All may probably never be released in the US. Oh! And Shadow may be in the next Backstreet Boys album? Well, check both videos for more of that super nice Q&A.

Thank you so much @misha_bsb

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