During this past 18 years the Backstreet Boys (AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie D, Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson*), boyband formed in Florida (April 20th, 1993), have been giving to the world their best music and the best pop music we could ever ask for, their hits include dancing songs and romantic ballads, not to mention their incredible and unmistakable vocal harmony.

One of the most successful groups in music history, with countless #1s, record-setting tours, and worldwide sales in excess of 100 million, Backstreet Boys are also among pop’s most influential. Turn on the radio and you’re certain to hear massive melodies melded with Eurodance grooves, a modern pop style inextricably rooted in the group’s innovative approach.

With ups and downs the boyband reached the top by the end of the 90's and the beginning of the new era, when they released their most successful album: Millennium, which had "I Want It That Way" as a single. At the same year the band was nominated for 5 Grammys, including the nomination for "Album of the year".

First years of the new century, otherwise, wasn't so fortunate since the band had to cancel some concerts of their Black & Blue Tour (2001) so one of their members, AJ McLean, could check himself into a rehab clinic for the first time and get help to treat his addiction in drugs and alcohol.

He came back some months later and the group could, finally, end that tour and release, right after, a greatest hits album. After that what we experienced was a short (or not too short) break so the members of the band could work on their solo projects.

Despite what tons of people say the band never split or end, they just give theirselves some time to run some other projects and spend some more quality time with their own families.

During this "time off" Nick, the youngest Backstreet Boy, released his first solo album called "Now or Never" (2001), and did a reality show called "House of Carters". Brian was the next BSB to release a solo album. It's called "Welcome Home" and went out during the year of 2006.

Band got together in 2005 to work and release their 6th album called "Never Gone" (what a great name and suggestive name, huh?), which had a lil bit more rock and the band didn't feel completely comfortable with that, which lead to a sad goodbye. Kevin Richardson left the group somewhere between 2005 and 2006 to take care of his personal dreams: his family and actor career.

Trying to get used to their new reality, the four members left released, in 2007, their 7th album called "Unbreakable" (another suggestive name).

Feeling the need to get back to their ruts and find themselves again, the group decided to bring the good and old R&B back and released, at the end of 2009, their album called "This is Us".

At the end of the past year (2010) the Backstreet Boys did their 1st fans cruise (the 2nd one will happen later this year) and finished the year promising tons of great news, just like their cooperation with New Kids On The Block. At the same year AJ McLean released his first solo album called "Have it All".

Earlier in 2011 Nick Carter released his second solo record called "I'm Taking Off".

During 2012 a lot of good things happened to the Backstreet Boys. Touring with NKOTB in a huge tour that kicked off at the end of 2011, the group announced Kevin's come back to the group, a new studio album that should be released around the 20th anniversary of the group in 2013. Besides that, Backstreet Boys won a star at The Walk of Fame and showed up in several TV shows and presentations, mainly by the end of the year, when they released a Christmas single called "It's Christmas Time Again" that was written by Nick and Howie. To top that off AJ announced his wife's pregnancy and Ava Jaymes McLean born on November 27th.

Even though 2013 has barely started, they year had already been full of great news to the Backstreet Boys. Last February 16th, Howie and his wife welcomed their second baby boy, Holden John Dorough. Just some days after that (February 22nd), People Magazine brought in an exclusive interview the information that Nick Carter is now engaged with his girlfriend, Lauren Kitt.

About their career they're not bad either. Celebrating their 20th Anniversary (back in April 20th) the band is getting ready to release their upcoming album "In A World Like This", that's supposed to hit the stores next July 30th, besides that they got their Star on the Walk of Fame last April 22nd. To top that off the group is working on a documentary that is scheduled to be released earlier in 2015.

But that's not all. Last July 10th, 2013 Kevin and his wife Kristin welcomed their second baby boy, Maxwell Haze Richardson.