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Hey Welovers,

"I ♥ Nick Carter" finally premiered yesterday night, but we know not all of you can watch it live, so from now on we'll try to post here all the episodes so you can go and watch whenever you want.


If it says the video is not available for your region, try this trick. If you use Google Chrome download an extension called "Hola better Internet". Install it and you're good to go. Whenever you try to listen to a radio or watch a video that is not available for your country just go to it's icon on the right side of your address bar and change it to a location where the video/audio is available. After that do not click on the link to redirect you to the video/audio page. Copy it and paste it on the address bar.

S01E01 - "Can We Set a Date" + Bonus Scenes
S01E02 - "A Smart Business Move" + Bonus Scenes
S01E03 - "Wanna Talk About The Guest List?" + Bonus Scenes
S01E04 - "You're Marrying A Fat and Stupid Man" + Bonus Scenes
S01E05 - "This Isn't The Nick Carter Show" + Bonus Scenes,
S01E06 - "Tour Life" + Bonus Scene
S01E07 - "Dude, I Love You" + Bonus Scene
S01E08 - Season Finale: "I Do" + Bonus Scene

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