Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Nick Carter] Angel says "I Love My Brother"

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So much have been said this past couple days about Nick, Angel and the entire Carter crew that we reserved the right to shut up, mainly because we know nothing about anything, as we stated in previous posts, but today TooFab published an article that we hope will put everyone's minds at easy.

Angel Conrad said to that website what some of us were freaking to know: she and her big brother Nick Carter have nothing against each other, no fights, no dramas, no bad blood or anything, they still love and respect each other in whatever they feel like doing. 

On her own words: "I love my brother Nick. I wish him all the best."

Aaron, Angel's twin brother, and Nick's youngest brother, also published on his Twitter asking media to stop calling his family and respect their privacy. Guess them all are running from unnecessary drama.

Just to reinforce what we posted couple days ago: NOBODY knows for sure why Nick didn't go to Angel's wedding. A lot will be said 'cause people love drama, but the real motive will remain unknown and it's something that doesn't concern us but only him and his family. If they're good, we're good.

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Nicole Carroll said...

She said that she loved him and wished him the best not that there wasn't any drama or anything between them. But regardless I have no doubt that she does love him and always will. She always seems like the sister who supports her siblings no matter what :)

WeLoveAJ McLean said...

@Nicolle Carroll: When I said no drama I meant "no drama regarding this subject", but yes, I agree with you that she seems to be the sister that is always there to all of them, just remember she was the only one that went to the Walk of Fame ceremony ;) xoxo

Nicole Carroll said...

Ohh sorry guess I misunderstood then . Yes she was the only sibling that was there for that big event, and the only one ive seen at other events for the bsb. Never see the other sister there. But regardless she does seem to be the one who doesn't really let all the drama or keep grudges against her sibs. They've always seemed to get through any drama that has gone on so hope this is no diff and they keep a relationship with each other. Would hate to see them be estranged. They have my love tho xo to you too! :)